What is RFID Blocking

Before we explain what RFID Blocking is let's review what RFID technology or radio frequency identification is. It has been around for a long time. Coupled with the suitability, nonetheless, comes the risk of having the information contained on an RFID-equipped credit card being stolen in a new type of electronic pickpocketing known as RFID skimming. The RFID technology has made its way into a diversity of items, including credit cards, driver's licenses, and passports. These items, which are mostly found in the purses or wallets of people, use in-built RFID chips to convey information without the use of wires to compatible readers to perform functions such as confirming the person's identity or paying for a purchase made in a shopping mall, restaurant or wherever. RFID technology uses radio waves to peruse information stored on tags attached to certain items and can be scanned from several feet away, without the need for a direct contact with the reader.

RFID Skimming - Thieves who have RFID readers can actually put into action the RFID chips embedded in private items, which would allow them to get sensitive information without the possessor of the items even knowing that they are being defrauded. Information that can be gotten this way includes complete credit card numbers, expiration date of credit cards and more frightening is the PIN number. All these information can be utilized by the thieves to siphon funds away from the victim's bank account or be used to make purchases without the victim's consent. This situation can be so traumatizing for the victim.

The Role of RFID Blocking Wallets - The use of an RFID-blocking wallet is one of the most effective ways for credit card users to protect themselves from RFID skimming. Before now, the most relevant decision to be made when purchasing a wallet is choosing its material and color; now, one of the top criteria for purchasing wallets is that they should have RFID-blocking ability. This new type of wallet protects credit card users from RFID skimming by creating a shield around their RFID-equipped cards. This shield rejects the electromagnetic energy sent out by RFID readers that the credit card needs to be able to send out the information they hold inside, thereby preventing scammers from getting access to the credit card user's identity, personal information or funds. High-quality RFID-blocking wallets providing reliable identity theft protection and can be ordered from www.concealplus.com