Best Minimalist Wallet

Best minimalist wallet designs from Conceal Plus. Minimalist wallets are slim wallets compact in design and provide easy access to your most-used credit and debit cards. Ready to get rid of your bulky wallet and upgrade to an ultra slim wallet? Card Blocrs are the perfect minimalist wallet that features RFID blocking technology and are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, genuine leather or vegan-friendly synthetics.

In today's world, we often put convenience first, for example grabbing some milk at the gas station knowing that it's going to cost you twice as much as if you purchased it at the grocery store but you short on time. Or touchless pay at the grocery store so you don't have to insert your chip in the credit card machine and wait. Did you know that without RFID blocking technology your information can be stolen right of that credit card? The RFID signal can be read with a scanner by someone standing beside you in line at the grocery store. You can get RFID protection from card slots.

Front pocket wallet vs back pocket wallet is the debate when you are looking for an everyday carry wallet. Best minimalist wallets for men are designed for front pocket carry of your essentials: credit and debit cards and a few bills. A traditional wallet is physically not the best choice for your body because a back pocket bifold wallet can cause long-term issues with your lower back. It's also much hard for pickpockets to get anything out of your front pocket. 

How many credit card slots do you need for everyday carry? Our slim design pocket wallets have space for up to ten cards. Our thinnest wallet is made of aluminum and provides RFID blocking technology for up to 6 credit and debit cards. Need more space? Our best selling leather wallets are wrapped in full grain leather or vegan-friendly PU leather and feature 2 additional credit card slots and space for folded bills.

Our goal was to create a stylish wallet with a slim design that fits well in your front pocket or jacket pocket. I was tired of carrying a bulky wallet and the selection of slim wallets just didn't fit my needs. Our first minimalist wallet was just a micro sleeve with RFID protection. Our designs evolved to fit other needs for different situations to hold your everyday carry gear. We added an elastic band to hold folded bills. We added card slots. We thought about adding an integrated bottle opener and then remembered we were designing minimalist wallets and not bar tools! We feel we have created the best minimalist wallets and to prove it all Conceal Plus Card Blocrs minimalist wallets are backed by our 2 Year 100% Satisfaction Risk-Free Money Guarantee.