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How to Protect Your Credit Cards from RFID Scanning

There are many things you can do to prevent someone from stealing your RFID data: You can keep your cards or other RFID-powered items protected by keeping two or more cards with such tags together. A reader will not identify your content because it will confuse all those added signals it reads at a time. Look for a quality RFID blocker. A blocker program can assist you with a separate microchip that sends out signals that confuse RFID readers. By blocking RFID signals, it becomes harder for content to be read in any form. Purchase a Conceal Plus Card Blocr wallet and you will have the peace of mind that your information is secure. All of these solutions are valuable...

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How Someone Can Steal My Credit Card Information with an RFID Scanner

An electronic pickpocket can steal things off of your RFID-enabled devices with ease. By using a concealed RFID reader, a person can gather information on RFID chips from several feet away. The user does not require a direct line of sight just to get that content stolen either. This is a significant problem that could make it easy for your data to be stolen. A person could steal your credit or debit card information. If that person captures an identification badge you use, that person will get personal information on who you are with that content varying based on what you have added to the card.

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Identity Theft Protection Tips: Always Review Your Credit Card Statements

Take a look at your monthly statements to see how your credit cards are being billed. Look for any suspicious charges that you might not recognize. You can ask to get your card frozen if you suspect that it has been stolen or its identity was compromised. The great idea is to check your cards in real time online. Review your cards on occasion while online. You can use a good check to see what the latest charges on your card were. This gives you enough time to get any issues you have disputed as soon as possible.

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Understanding RFID Technology

To know what makes electronic pickpocketing work, it helps to see how the technology works, to begin with. The RFID or Radio Frequency Identification system is a popular layout for handling data. It is very convenient thanks to how you don’t have to directly slide a card that might be tough for some devices to read. With RFID technology, you can slide a device with an RFID chip over a sensor. The chip can be used with many intentions in mind. You can use it to get a purchase facilitated with a credit card. You can also use it for getting access to a lock. An RFID chip can be included in a credit or debit card or an identification...

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What Is Electronic Pickpocketing and How Do You Prevent It?

Electronic pickpocketing is a legitimate concern for all people to watch for. RFID technology makes card less or cashless payments easy to handle. But even with that, it also introduces a new avenue for thieves to work with. Electronic pickpocketing occurs when a thief steals your RFID information. A person will use a simple RFID reader and use it to gather information from people that someone might pass by. The worst part is that you might not be aware of when your data is stolen.

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