How to Protect Your Credit Cards from RFID Scanning

How to Protect Your Credit Cards from RFID Scanning

There are many things you can do to prevent someone from stealing your RFID data:

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  • You can keep your cards or other RFID-powered items protected by keeping two or more cards with such tags together. A reader will not identify your content because it will confuse all those added signals it reads at a time.
  • Look for a quality RFID blocker. A blocker program can assist you with a separate microchip that sends out signals that confuse RFID readers. By blocking RFID signals, it becomes harder for content to be read in any form.
  • Purchase a Conceal Plus Card Blocr wallet and you will have the peace of mind that your information is secure.

All of these solutions are valuable for preventing electronic pickpocketing. Be sure you see how well you can keep your cards and other RFID materials secure. You must keep it all safe so you will not be at risk of losing your data or even your identity.

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 If you wave your credit card around at the gas station, grocery store, or local boutique, a thief lying in wait may be able to see your number or take a picture of it easily. The same direct access happens if you throw out your personal financial paperwork without shredding it first. You also essentially hand over your information to scammers if you click on or respond to a phishing email or text message.

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