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Credit Card Wallet Brown Leather and Black Metal Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet | Card Blocr by Conceal Plus

Credit Card Wallet Brown Leather and Black Metal Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet | Card Blocr by Conceal Plus

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Our Card Blocr RFID Blocking Credit Card Wallet provides a bit more space than the Card Blocr Credit Card Holder for those that need more in their EDC or everyday carry. Bifold/Trifold design allows for up to an additional 4 credit cards and also an internal cash holder for folded bills.

  • 100% SATISFACTION RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - All Conceal Plus Card Blocrs wallets and credit card holders are backed by our 2 Year 100% Satisfaction Risk-Free Money Guarantee.
  • RFID WALLET - Best RFID blocking technology to prevent RFID scanning thieves and electronic pickpockets from accessing your personal credit card, debit card, or id card information. Metal credit card holder blocks 100% of RFID scanners.
  • ONE CLICK ACTION – Trigger action & credit cards slide up cascading, but are held securely in the credit card holder. Quick, easy access to your most important credit cards & ID. Cad wallets designed for both men and women so no more digging through the purse.
  • CREDIT CARD HOLDER MINIMALIST WALLET – This credit card holder may be small, but it holds 4-6 in credit cards in the metal credit card holders, and 1-2 more credit cards in each of the internal pockets of this slim card case. There is also a space for business cards or folded bills.
  • FRONT POCKET WALLET - Genuine, soft & supple leather, minimalist wallet design. Fits great in front pocket and won't bend like other card wallets because of the internal metal card sleeve design.

Technology is always advancing to make life more convenient, but that does not mean it is always safer. Rather than do away with everything, though, we need to begin protecting ourselves with an RFID wallet so that we can avoid dangers associated with RFID-enabled credit cards. With RFID chips, we can do this by using the right type of card wallets. These still have the same uses as our basic wallets, even more, if you want something with extra features, but do something no basic wallet can do, which protects our personal information. Select the protection of an RFID wallet designed to be carried in your front pocket to stay safe and still do what you need to do while protecting the information on your credit cards.

Some of the top RFID wallet products today are made with metal materials. A steel or aluminum body may be used on your wallet to protect your credit cards. With this, you will secure your credit cards inside of a container. The metal will surround those cards. This can include a securing lock that keeps the card wallet secured all the way. The surface will block RFID readers from getting access to your cards. Metal materials create sturdy barriers where outside signals cannot get into your cards. This, in turn, keeps your cards protected. A metal wallet is appealing for being a practical solution with a slim minimalist front pocket design.

An electronic pickpocket can steal things off of your RFID-enabled devices with ease. By using a concealed RFID reader, a person can gather information on RFID chips from several feet away. The user does not require a direct line of sight just to get that content stolen either. This is a significant problem that could make it easy for your data to be stolen.

A person could steal your credit or debit card information. If that person captures an identification badge you use, that person will get personal information on who you are with that content varying based on what you have added to the card.

There are many things you can do to prevent someone from stealing your RFID data. You can keep your cards or other RFID-powered items protected by keeping the card in an RFID wallet. A reader will not identify your content because it will confuse all those added signals it reads at a time. Look for a quality RFID blocker. A blocker program can assist you with a separate microchip that sends out signals that confuse RFID readers. By blocking RFID signals, it becomes harder for content to be read in any form. Purchase a Conceal Plus Card Blocr wallet and you will have peace of mind that your information is secure. All of these solutions are valuable for preventing electronic pickpocketing. Be sure you see how well you can keep your cards and other RFID materials secure. RFID Card wallets keep you safe so you will not be at risk of losing your credit card data or even your identity.

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